Wednesday, March 14, 2018

William Morris' Ageless Wisdom For Past, Present and Future Homes

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  William Morris

I have always considered these words to be the boiled down essence of interior design, rather than just another famous quote on a needlepoint pillow (though I do have it on a needlepoint pillow because I’m cool like that).  I can only assume Poul Kjaerholm, 20th century minimalist designer, was also a fan of William Morris.  Kjaerholm’s designs bring an unexpected serenity to the room with their perfect balance of form and function, nothing more, nothing less.

Our PK22 Lounge Chair Reproduction honors the original design Kjaerholm created and that launched him to fame in the design world.  Its low seat height and minimal design have an astonishing impact of sophistication when included in any room of the house.  It possesses an ageless beauty and level of comfort that will forever remain a classic.

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Key Curves of the BRNO Chair

On Mies van der Rohe’s famous BRNO Chair from 1930, his use of cantilevered strength found throughout his design was a popular structural feature in design at the time and essential to the chair’s stability.  The front curve of the arm and slightly curved sled base were carefully designed to work in conjunction with each other, placing the center of gravity where it belongs: in the center!

The one consistent flaw in the design made by other furniture manufacturers is failing to employ the curves Mies originally designed, thus shifting the center of gravity forward and causing the whole chair to tip forward (which kind of defeats the main purpose of a chair, eh?)

Our meticulous adherence to the original design is what gives our version the stability it has and is what sets our BRNO Chair Replica apart from the rest.  Our version is made to the same specifications as the original, including the front arm curve and slight cantilever on the sled base where only four points are touching the floor, thus offering the same stability as the original model.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Modern Home Living with Dogs and Cats

All pet owners who are also modern furniture enthusiasts can be happy to know there will never be a need to choose between the two ever again!  Although most of the materials used in the original furniture designs of the modern period couldn’t hold up to Fido’s teething phase, new technology made available in the decades since has provided us with substantially more durable and resilient options and we make full use of at Modern Classics Furniture:

Stainless Steel: 
During the age of modernism, original furniture designers would use mild steel with chrome-plated since it was the best option at the time though could not offer the durability needed in high traffic areas of every day use.  The signature versions and most reproductions still use this, and over the years it will show evidence of the scratching or chewing that is typical of all new pets.

Our reproductions make use of the highest furniture grade steel, #304 stainless steel, hand polished to high luster.  It offers an unprecedented level of durability without sacrificing style and can be sandblasted if need be after many, many years to restore the original sparkle. 

Whether its cats or dogs at home, the adorable little paws of either are bound to leave their mark on any leather that is susceptible to scratches. 

Our top-grain, aniline-dyed leather we import from Italy is equipped to withstand the elements of day-to-day life, including scratches.  With the exception of our distressed leathers (which are intended to scratch as part of the aesthetic appeal), your pets can easily nap on the furniture without the risk of being scolded when you come home.

Boucle Fabric:
I’m sure you are already aware of the various ways pets can make stains on fabric furniture, so I don’t think I need to go into detail.  While most puppy mischief can eventually be forgiven, stains on upholstered furniture is tough one to get past when there’s a daily reminder on your favorite sofa.  Forgiveness comes much easier though when the fabric is stain-resistant like our exclusive collection of Modern Boucle Fabrics.  We use an eco-friendly stain guard finish that causes spilled liquids to bead up and can easily be wiped away without permeating the surface of the fabric (its also UV resistant so colors will not fade if kept by a window…. I know this doesn’t apply so much to pets but it is still worth mentioning).  

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Value of Experiencing Furniture Before Buying

What do cars, swimsuits and furniture all have in common?  In this digital age, these are all items that cannot be ordered one click, but rather should be tested out first to ensure you have made the best choice to fit your lifestyle.

The one thing all past, present and future furniture buyers have in common is putting forth the time and energy to research all furniture options.  Although you can find everything online you need to know about foam cushions, leather, wood finishes, (this list could go on for quite a while), there is no online substitute for actually experiencing the feel of the furniture for yourself.

Unlike most furniture reproductions who solely exist online, at Modern Classics Furniture we understand the value of physically seeing, touching, sitting, lounging and/or curling up in a piece of furniture that will occupy much of your time for many years.   This is why we have our factory showroom locations across the nation in Bellingham, Chicago and Dallas. 

After visiting and sitting in one piece you may change your mind entirely and find another that you like even better.  Or you may decide to go with your original choice and can rest easily until it is delivered to your home knowing that you chose the best possible option—this is a luxury that is not guaranteed when ordering from an online company without getting a test ride (or in this case, a ‘test sit’)

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Pictured here is our Finn Juhl Style Chair 45 set in front of a Conrad Moulton original, Green Abstract

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Conrad Moulton: Iconic Illustrator and Abstract Visionary

During the Golden Age of Print Advertising in New York City, amid the large and competitive pool of artists vying for a spot as professional advertising illustrators, a select few artists stood out from the crowd, setting the standard of the era with their undeniable skill and eye for details.  Conrad Moulton's prolific collections of iconic advertising illustrations are images many of us still recognize today.  Similar in style to Norman Rockwell's work, the two artists were friends and ran in the same circles during the 1940s, 50s and 60s while working in New York City. 

When it came time for retirement, Conrad ceased the opportunity to steer this focus toward his large-scale abstract work.  After mastering his own unique abstract aesthetic, his inherent artistic talent was proven all over again with his new style, while remaining consistent and true to the style of the time.

These ageless original paintings by Conrad Moulton are the perfect addition to any modern home and are on display in the Modern Classics Furniture Showroom in Chicago.  Pictured here is Moulton’s Blue Abstract  in combination with our Wegner Style Wing Back Chair and Exhibition Side Table.

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