Saturday, May 26, 2012

Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair

We love this chair and don't feel it gets enough attention.  So we thought we would show the original chair, show a room space incorporating the chair, and show  our reproduction of this chair, which you can view our Buyer's Guide of the Basculant Chair.

Courtesy Museum of Modern Art
First off, the original basculant chair is was actually designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1928 as part of a three chair series she created to using principles put forth by le Corbusier. Each chair had a chromium-plated tubular steel base and the B301 sling back chair (as it was known then) was made for conversation.  In the museum of modern art, here is the chair designed in 1928.

You can really do some fun things with these chairs, just one example is shown here, with polar white leather Basculant Chairs set in an all white room.  These chairs are on the small side, so they are good for tight quarters.

Visit Corbusier Basculant Chair Product Page
And finally, here is our reproduction chair.  Looking a little more refined, but in keeping with the overall look.  We use real cowhide belting leather, springs for tensioning, adjustable feet and sturdy stainless steel tubing.  We offer the chair in 11 Italian leather colors.  You can check out our Buyer's Guide for the Corbusier Basculant Chair, which has links to the ordering page.

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