Friday, August 24, 2012

Poul Kjaerholm Furniture Reproductions - New Products

Poul Kjaerholm in the House!  Shown are the PK25 (Element Chair)
and the PK31 (2 seater sofa)
We are pleased to announce the addition of the Poul Kjaerholm Furniture Collection of chairs, sofas, table and ottoman reproduction furniture.  This furniture style is a clear divergence from the modern classic furniture reproductions we currently are making.  Considered lighter and airier, this designer from Denmark has created some enduring styles. 

At first glance there is something familiar with Poul Kjærholm’s PK31 collection. To most, it may look like any good sofa, but on further inspection, you'll find more points  where it is radically different from other sofas of a similar type. The design is austere, but the regularity of the shape and the original designed stainless steel legs makes the sofa really stand out.

The PK31 is a good example of Kjærholm’s ongoing commitment to uniting craft and industrial design, as well as his penchant for including steel and leather in his designs.  Like all of Kjærholm’s furniture, the PK31 becomes more beautiful with time.  See all the designs we offer at this Poul Kjaerholm link.  Our prices range from $400, for a set of three tables, to $4,000 for an 80 inch sofa in full leather and stainless steel.  (Original is priced at $30,000, btw)

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