Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buyer's Guide for Saarinen Womb Chair Reproduction

We are pleased to present a new buyer's guide for the Womb Chair as designed by Eero Saarinen.
See the Buyer's guide for the Saarinen inspired womb chair reproduction

Sunday Morning, a painting by Norman
Rockwell as printed on the cover of
the Saturday Evening Post.

The womb chair is considered among the ten best mid-century modern furniture designs. Chairs from this era were known for their form, function and flamboyance. They were more comfortable than their Bauhaus modern predecessors, as they were essentially created for "lounging" -- a new activity for the 1950's.  This chair became so popular, it was featured in a Norman Rockwell painting in 1959 and featured on the Saturday Evening Post called Sunday Morning.

Saarinen Womb Chair
Womb Chair and Ottoman
In addition to comfort, the womb chair highlights a new form of construction for chairs of the Mid-Century Modern decade. The basic structure of the chair is the molded fiberglass shell (we use composite plastic now), covered in foam and bright colored upholstery fabrics, also known for this period.

Our version of the womb chair, sofa and ottoman are excellent reproductions of these original designs. Very close in dimensions and angles, our chair has the same wide, flaring contours that encourage lounging, sprawling or curling up into a fetal position!