Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Close-up Look: PK31 Chair, Loveseat and Sofa designed by Poul Kjaerholm

The use of a module was a central concept in Poul Kjaerholm's furniture design, in that it was an ideal element that could be used in different combinations and location.  He saw it as a way of both emulating the structures found in nature and a means of reconciling his desire for creating furniture that could be mass-produced, yet still be used to furnish individual rooms.  The PK31 series fully embodied this concept.
PK31 Chair Reproduction - Designer Poul Kjaerholm
PK31 Chair in Autumn Tan
The PK31 series was first introduced in 1958 as both a lounge chair and a modular seating element that could be combined to create sofas with two, three or even four times the length of the single chair alone.   Kjaerholm saw this flexible, module system as a way to ensure harmony in seating groups of combining chairs and sofas, and reflected his desire to create furniture that could be tailored to the size and shape of the room.  The PK31 chair is also forms a perfect 76cm cube, which is truly indicative of Kjaerholm’s pursuit of ideal forms.

The construction of the PK31 consists of separate panels for the seat, back and sides.  Underneath, are brushed-satin stainless steel leg frames that are connected with a separate steel bar that is one length for the single chair, double that for the loveseat and three times that length for the sofa.  By treating the side leg frames and side panels as independent elements, Kjaerholm created a flexible system where the only variable element is the steel bar that connected the side leg frames and where the side panels were placed.

PK31 Loveseat reproduction in Camel Tan - Designer: Poul Kjaerholm
PK31-2 in Premium Camel
Our reproductions of the PK31, PK31-2 and PK31-3 are authentic in all respects, from the dimensions, to the use of brushed-satin stainless steel, to the use of precision fasteners.  Our PK31 seat modules consists wood frame with box-seam construction.  The frame is covered with leather over a thin layer of Dacron.  The leather cushions on top and back are filled with down feathers for a very plush feel.  And true to Kjaerholm’s desire to preserve the identity of each seat module, the design of the steel frames is such that, regardless of how many units are joined, the identity of the individual modules is preserved when looking at the back side of the loveseat or sofa.

We offer the PK31 series in a variety of full-aniline dyed leather colors, and we consider this series as the perfect addition to today’s modern room look.  See all of the PK31 series on our website under the Poul Kjaerholm Furniture designs.

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