Saturday, March 30, 2013

Closer Look: Eames Upholstered Fiberglass Side Chair Reproduction designed by Charles Eames

Our Molded Fiberglass Arm and Side Chairs reproductions are updated versions of the legendary Eames Fiberglass Chairs designed by Charles Eames in 1948 and introduced to the market by Herman Miller in 1950.
Molded Fiberglass Side Chair
Upholstered Version
The original Eames fiberglass chairs evolved when the "plastics" technology of World War II became available to the postwar world.  Developed by the U. S. Air Force, polyester plastic reinforced with fiberglass was a "wonder" material that Eames wanted to use for furniture production.  His first fiberglass armchair was developed as a prototype for the 1948 MoMA "International Competition for Low Cost Furniture Design." Built at Zenith Plastics using the latest tooling technology, including the hydraulic dies used for boat building, the chairs were constructed of the same material Zenith had used during the war to make fiberglass-reinforced plastic radar domes, and represented the first commercial use of plastic for seating.

The fiberglass chairs were offered as armchairs in 1950 in parchment, gray, beige, and later, in the primary colors. An interchangeable selection of six bases-wooden legs, metal-rod legs, the "Eiffel Tower" wire struts, a cast-aluminum pedestal with casters, a swivel style, and a rocker version with birch rockers on wire struts-gave the customer the opportunity to choose according to their own particular needs.  All the bases were attached to the chairs with rubber shock mounts to provide added resiliency.   Once the armchair was perfected, the Fiberglass Side Chair was introduced in the following year.
Offered in 19 Fabric Colors!

Our reproduction of the Charles Eames Fiberglass side chair is made to the same design specifications of the original.  However, unlike the current model offered by Herman Miller and Vitra of Czech Republic, we use the latest technology to create a fiber-reinforced polymer shell.  This shell is available in four colors (black, white, blue and red) and three styles of bases (stainless steel, wood dowel and the eiffel wire struts).
In the Fiberglass Side Chair, we offer both a plain shell version and the fully upholstered version with a choice of 19 fabric colors.  The upholstery is fixed to the shell with a white piping to give it fantastic finished edge.

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