Saturday, April 6, 2013

Closer-Look: Saarinen Arm Chair Model 71 Reproduction

Modern Classics is pleased to introduce our version of the Saarinen Arm Chair, our product number MC-1356, in both leather and fabric.

Saarinen Arm Chair reproduction in Golden Tan
Our Reproduction of the
Saarinen Arm Chair

The Arm Chair (Saarinen Model 71 Armchair Reproduction) was designed and introduced in 1950 by Saarinen as the third chair of his iconic Model 70 Series of chairs. (The other two chairs of this series are the Model 70 Womb Chair and the Model 72 Side Chair.) The Model 71 Armchair was created specifically for executive offices of the General Motors Technical School that Saarinen was also designing as lead architect.

The Model 71 armchair was adapted from an armchair designed in 1945 by Florence Knoll for the Rockefeller Center in New York. While the Knoll Chair used an internal wood frame, Saarinen wanted more freedom to shape of the chair and so he created and used a fiber reinforced plastic shell to make the back and arms in one continuous upholstered curve. The search to find the best curves for the armchair took an extensive amount of trial and error. To help with this process, Saarinen hired his first design assistant exclusively dedicated to furniture, Neils Difffrient, who made multiple scale and full size models using wire and clay. Once Saarinen approved the final chair design, plaster molds were made so that it could be taken to the plastic resin manufacturing company for forming.

Gray Leather - Saarinen Executive Arm Chairs
Saarinen Executive Arm Chair
3 style of bases
Our reproduction of the Model 71 armchair followed the same path of development as Saarinen, in that we meticulously recreated the chair mold from drawings and personal inspection of photographs. Using the latest technologies, our internal shell is made of fiber-reinforced polymer molded into
shape.  Next foam is hand-shaped over the shell, upholstered and the legs are attached. We are proud of our version of the Model 71, which we call the Executive Arm Chair. Offered in a wide selection of leather or fabric ( or choose you own); and three styles of legs: wood, stainless steel or swivel base.

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