Monday, May 27, 2013

Closer Look: Jacobsen Egg Chair and Swan Chair Reproductions

Modern Classics presents a closer look at the iconic Egg Chair and Swan Chair by Mid-Century Modern and Danish designer Arne Jacobsen.
Egg Chair Reproduction in Green Fabric
Egg Chair Reproduction

In 1956, Arne Jacobsen, Scandinavian architect and designer, began work on perhaps his best-known project, the SAS Royal Hotel and Air Terminal in Copenhagen.  In this project, Jacobsen designed every detail, including the textiles, cutlery, light fixtures and furniture.  It was for this project that Jacobsen designed his well known furniture pieces: the Swan Chair and the Egg Chair. 

Both the Swan and Egg chairs were constructed using two very innovative materials for their time: moldable fiberglass and flexible foam padding.  For the internal shells, polyester plastic reinforced with fiberglass were molded into shape.  This material was pioneered by the military and further commercialized by Charles Eames.  The foam padding that was used on the chairs was developed by the Scandinavian’s  using polystyrene beads that could be steamed into just about any desired shape.  Applied over a fiberglass frame, this foam padding made it possible to produce curvaceous, streamlined and sculptural forms such as the Swan and Egg chair.

Egg Chair and Swan Chair Reproductions in Green Fabric
Egg and Swan Chair
Both the Swan Chair and the Egg chair feature fin-style armrests made from the continuous curve the frame rather than the traditional method of attaching separate arms.  The uplifted arms of the Swan chair reminded Jacobsen of the wings of that great bird, while the source of the Egg Chair’s name is quite self-evident.

Our reproductions of the Swan and Egg chair also feature an molded internal shell and foam padding, however, unlike our competitors, we use a fiber-reinforced polymer, not cheap plastic and highly resilient foam padding.  Our chairs are made to the same specifications of the “signature” brand, and are offered in over 40 fabric choices, or specify your own.  We have prepared a detailed comparison guide explaining why our reproductions, made in our own factory under our direct supervision, is truly worth a look if you are in the market for one of these style chairs.

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