Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Closer Look: Kjaerholm PK24 Chaise Lounge Chair Reproduction

In 1965, Kjaerholm created his first adjustable seat chaise lounge chair, known as the PK24 Chair.  For the size and curves of this lounge chair, Kjaerholm used several historical pieces for inspiration: the French chaise longue originating in the late 18th century; Thonet’s no. 7500 bentwood rocker in late 19th century; and the chaise lounge chair of 1929 designed by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand.
PK24 Chaise Lounge Reproduction
PK24 Chaise Lounge
For the PK24, Kjaerholm sought to use gravity and friction to stabilize the three main components of the chair, i.e., the seat, the base and the cushion, which were not mechanically connected.  He called this concept “neutral-equilibrium principle”, whereas an adjustable seat could be held in place by the sitter’s weight and repositioned by the friction of the pieces of material.

Kjaerholm labeled the PK24 as the “Hammockchair” as a way to indicate the chair functioned by suspending the body between two points.  The seat consists of a steel frame covered with cane with a pair of steel guide tracks attached below.  This track rests on two thin steel bands that spanned the width of the base, like bridge cables and conform to the shape of the track as it slid back and forth along the bands.  Similar to the Chaise Lounge designed by Le Corbusier, the seat is placed in the desired position and held in place by the friction created by the weight of the sitter and the tracks resting on the bands.
PK 24 Chaise Lounge Back View
PK24 Chaise Lounge
Rear View

An object lesson in gravity and statics, the PK24 remains one of Kjaerholm’s most subtle and audacious creations and one of our best selling chaise lounges.  While the original used spring steel and cane, our version uses brushed-satin stainless steel and 2mm thick leather.  Offered in three leather colors: black, brown and white.  See it on our website with this link: PK24 Lounge Chair Reproduction.

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