Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Closer Look: Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair Reproduction

Tubular steel furniture designed at the Bauhaus School of Design in the 1920's were revolutionary in their use of tubular steel and method of manufacture.  Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe were the early pioneers of these chairs, which transformed the language of chair design.

Wassily Chair in Black Leather
The Wassily Chair was originally known as the Model B3 chair and was inspired by the design of bicycle handlebars.  This tubular chair was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-26 as part of his tubular-steel furniture collection while he was head of the furniture workshop at the Bauhaus School of Design.  Despite popular belief, the chair was not designed for the painter Wassily Kandinsky who was a fellow faculty member at the Bauhaus.  However, Kandinsky admired the completed design, and Breuer fabricated a duplicate for Kandinsky's personal quarters. The chair became known as "Wassily" decades later, when it was re-released by an Italian manufacturer who had learned of the anecdotal Kandinsky connection in the course of its research on the chair's origins.

Close-up of front seating edge
Our Breuer Wassily Chair reproduction of this chair features a polished 14 gauge stainless steel tubing, thick Italian leather belting for the seat and arms and matches the dimensions of the "signature" brand.  This is a very tricky chair to make, with all the compound bends; one wrong bend throws the whole chair off!  But, we have worked very hard on our version of this chair, in particular with the way the seat belting stretches above the front support tube, so that when you sit in the chair, your legs don't hit the the front horizontal tube under the seat.  Furthermore, we use thick belting cowhide with the top leather color available in a wide variety of leather colors, not just black.

For more information, read our Comparison Guide for the Wassily Chair Reproduction. or to order a chair in one of 15 leather colors, click this link to the product page on our website: Wassily Chair Reproduction.

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