Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Closer-Look: Saarinen Dining Chair – Model 70 Reproduction

Modern Classics is pleased to offer expanded options for our reproduction of the Saarinen Dining or Side Chair.  With its refined form, this chair is a great fit for residential dining applications or office settings as a side chair.
Saarinen Dining Chair in Gray Leather and Wood Legs
Our version of the Saarinen
Dining Chair with wood legs

The Saarinen Dining Chair (Model 72 Side Chair Reproduction) was designed and introduced in 1948 by Saarinen as the second chair of his iconic Model 70 Series of chairs. (The other two chairs of this series are the Model 70 Womb Chair and the Model 71 Arm Chair.) The Model 72 Side Chair was created specifically for the executive offices of the General Motors Technical School, for which Saarinen was also lead architect.

The Model 72 Side chair maintained the same depressed-cone shape of the womb chairs, but removing the arms and the high back.  The Side Chair was first prototyped out of sheet metal for testing, with the metal wrapped under the seat.  To achieve the correct angle for the back, they place little kinks in the metal, which were later replaced with the back opening when the chair shell was molded out of fiberglass for production. 

Our reproduction of the Model 72 Side Chair was meticulously recreated the chair mold from drawings and personal inspection of photographs. Unlike the current signature brand, our internal shell is made of formed steel with foam hand-shaped over the shell.  Then the upholstery and legs are attached.

Saarinen DIning Chair with custom fabric
Custom Maharam Fabric
with Oak Natural Legs

The wood legs choices are walnut, oak or beech veneer over molded plywood. The stainless steel legs are solid stainless steel bar stock which includes the leg assembly fitting to the seat pan. This provides structural rigidity and weight performance capabilities miles ahead of any other chair on the market. The floating metal leg glide screws into the solid bar stock steel. The swivel base is stainless steel with rubber floor glides.

We are proud of our version of the Model 72, which we call the Saarinen Dining Chair. Offered in a wide selection of leather or fabric (or choose you own, like this one selected by a customer in Los Angeles); and three styles of legs: wood, stainless steel or swivel base. 

For further information, please read our Comparison guide for the Saarinen Dining Chair.

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