Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Closer Look: Hans Wegner's Shell Chair Reproduction

In 1963, Danish designer, Hans Wegner, decided to deviate from his typical style of working in solid woods and began experimenting with bent plywood, which resulted in his famous Shell Chair.  Also referred to as the ‘smiling chair’ for obvious reasons, this chair was released in the 1960s then re-introduced in 1998 and met with a booming popularity at international auctions.

A defining feature of the Shell Chair is the remarkable stability it offers with only three tapered legs.  This stable design can be attributed to Wegner’s background in carpentry and understanding how to achieve this solidity based on the quality and performance of the wood. Our model of Wegner’s Shell Chair uses molded plywood shaped to match the authentic version.  The wood finishing is done in a 14 step high quality commercial grade finish, complete with a top coat application of waterborne poly-coatings that are evened out by a drying tunnel and curing process to guarantee durability and protection of the hardwood veneer.  Read all about it on our website:

Come have a seat in our Chicago or Seattle Showroom and see what has made this chair so popular
throughout the ages!

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