Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Proper Care of Your Leather Furniture

A key factor in extending the life of your Modern Classics furniture is proper leather care.  The following steps for washing and conditioning your leather furniture should be done about every 3 months or as needed.  Though some have their own preferred methods of doing this, the most common and effective method is as follows:

Before delving in to the process, it is important to dust the entire piece of furniture.  Using the small nozzle extension that comes with most vacuums is a great way to get in to small areas of the furniture where crumbs or small particles may have fallen

- First spot test a small and concealed area on your leather furniture
- Use a soft damp cloth to apply leather cleaner to the exposed areas, scrubbing in circles to produce a lather
- Use a clean damp cloth to rinse the cleansing formula off the leather.  This may be done twice over, to ensure all cleaning formula has been wiped away, followed by a towel dry

- Use a clean cloth to spread a thin layer of the conditioner formula over the exposed leather
- Use a dry cloth to buff the exposed leather and wipe away any excess conditioner

*Be sure not to leave any pools of water on the leather as this can leaves stains or do damage to the leather

Stop by either our Chicago or Seattle Showrooms to sit in any of our leather pieces and see how proper maintenance prolongs and enhances the beauty of the leather!

Pictured: Barcelona Chair and Stool Reproduction in Standard Black Leather

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