Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Closer Look: The Wassily Chair

“The artist works with the highest level of feeling.  The technician works with the highest level of logic”

Marcel Breuer perfectly executed his belief in his iconic furniture designs from the early years of the Bauhaus in Germany.  A prime example is his Wassily Chair he created after being inspired by the handlebars of his bicycle and using an innovative method of extruding tubular steel during an era when wooden frames were the norm.

The Wassily Chair Reproduction made at Modern Classics is crafted with polished stainless steel, seamlessly bent just as Breuer did in 1925.  Though the original chair only used black leather, we offer 18 different color options of genuine cowhide belting in top grain leather.  The simplicity and understated elegance of this chair allows it to fit in with almost any decor and in any room.

Which room would YOU put the Wassily Chair in your home?  Feel free to leave comments below!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Design Roundup: A Bevy of Tulip Chairs

I'm sitting in one as I write this blog post--the Tulip Chair.   Given the current all out fascination for everything white and the fluid, yet sculptural, design of Saarinen's famously shaped chair, I'm not at all surprised to find a host of uses for the Tulip Chair in my design files.

Paired with other more contemporary pieces or offering a modernist statement in a more traditional or classic design field, the Tulip chair is showing itself to be one of those modern classics pieces with versatility in design and functionality.  Here it shows up as a dining chair, a desk chair and the wonderful dining/library chair with a custom pink cushion.

 Here is the tulip chair in a more traditional setting.  And it works.

 Like a great still life, the black and white pairing of chair and table is simplistic, yet thoughtful.

Always wanted a dining library!  This image from tabletonic.com marries some of my favorite things: books, modern design, warm wood and "clawfeet"!

The loft look with a triptych of pendants echoing back the sculptural floral shape of the Tulip chair.

From Architectural Digest, the tulip chair brings in an air of freshness to this Manhattan apartment.

From domainehome.com, the tulip chair as desk chair and a flokati lending a bit of softness and texture.

From dailyicon.net, the classic pairing of tulip table and chairs and spun floor lamp in an old world interior.  So love this blending of styles.

To review and purchase the modernclassics.com tulip chair reproduction,  visit here for armchair and here for armless chair.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saarinen's Solution: The Tulip Chair

What most people simply refer to as a “chair,” Eero Saarinen would refer to as a “slum of legs.”  Rather than seeing a sitting device and stabilized with four legs, the Finnish architect saw clutter that “makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world.”  These words were coming from the same architect who believed in simplicity with ‘one piece, one material.’  His solution to the catastrophe that was the 4-legged chair was the Tulip Chair he created in 1957. 

The Modern Classics Tulip Armless Chair Reproduction adheres to the fluid-like structure that Saarinen modeled after a drop of high-viscosity liquid.  Sitting upon a cast aluminum swivel base, our version of this iconic chair has a molded fiber-reinforced polymer white shell. 

Do you view the shape of this chair as a Tulip or a Wine Glass?  

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kjaerholm's PK61 Table of Glass, Steel and Gravity

In 1956, following the creation and subsequent criticism of his PK22 Lounge Chair, Poul Kjaerholm created his PK61 Square Table.  Many felt the PK22 Lounge Chair was too low to the ground, so the Danish designer decided to create a table of matching proportions and created a new style to used by many others in future decades.

The Modern Classics reproduction of the PK61 Square Table is crafted with a stainless steel base and a tempered glass top.  One of Kjaerholm’s design principals is that gravity should be used to keep pieces in place, as is demonstrated with the removable glass top on this table.  The stainless steel pieces are joined with machine screws to form the unique base structure and a small lip extends just beyond the glass to hold the top in place.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Midcentury Lounge Chair meets Bohemian Modern Interior Design

I am still so much a fan of Apartment Therapy even after all these years and love the insights their House Tours give me, particularly on the use of midcentury modern classic furnishings.  People mix it up in all kinds of ways granting a sort of freedom to design one's own environment.

Bohemian Modern is a mix coined by the fabulous blogger sfgirlbybay and it includes elements such as Moroccan rugs, lots of plants, white/bright walls and art.  Flea market finds mix with vintage mix with reproductions.  Kinda like my house.

Here is a great representation of bohemian modern in Hope and Pete's home--an Eichler, no less (Curt and I lived in a Palo Alto Eichler in the 90s).  I had to include a image of the vintage dining room table and chairs because they are so similar to the set I found years ago and still have. View the House Tour here.

Modern Classics Furniture crafts a well-made and true to design replica of the Lounge Chair found in this tour.  Distinguishable from other reproductions,  Modern Classics Lounge Chair reproduction's molded wood frame is fabricated  with 8 ply hardwood using a 14 step commercial grade finishing process with the same species used in each layer of veneer and no use of formaldehyde adhesives. You can read more about the Lounge Chair here.

Images courtesy Apartment Therapy and Modern Classics.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Closer Look: Eileen Gray's Side Table Replica

In 1929, Eileen Gray, the Irish born and Parisian-educated iconic designer, began work on her E-1027 vacation home in Roquebrune alongside Jean Badovici.  The home these two women created is consistent with Gray’s style of asymmetry and elegant use of tubular steel in clean geometric forms.

When Gray noticed how Badovici enjoyed having breakfast in bed, but would get crumbs all over the sheets, she created her iconic Adjustable Side Table.

This side table can be used in any room, including the bedroom, since it is unobtrusive enough to fit with any d├ęcor, versatile in the way the height can be adjusted, and simply striking. 

The Modern Classics reproduction of this table is crafted with tempered glass top and a tubular stainless steel frame, unlike other reproductions of this table that use chrome plating.  If the frame on our version should ever scratch, you can easily buff it to make this disappear, which is not as easily remedied with chrome plating.   The table adjusts from 21.5 to 32 inches, adding versatility to the list of unique traits that have made this table an icon of modern design.

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