Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Design Roundup: A Bevy of Tulip Chairs

I'm sitting in one as I write this blog post--the Tulip Chair.   Given the current all out fascination for everything white and the fluid, yet sculptural, design of Saarinen's famously shaped chair, I'm not at all surprised to find a host of uses for the Tulip Chair in my design files.

Paired with other more contemporary pieces or offering a modernist statement in a more traditional or classic design field, the Tulip chair is showing itself to be one of those modern classics pieces with versatility in design and functionality.  Here it shows up as a dining chair, a desk chair and the wonderful dining/library chair with a custom pink cushion.

 Here is the tulip chair in a more traditional setting.  And it works.

 Like a great still life, the black and white pairing of chair and table is simplistic, yet thoughtful.

Always wanted a dining library!  This image from marries some of my favorite things: books, modern design, warm wood and "clawfeet"!

The loft look with a triptych of pendants echoing back the sculptural floral shape of the Tulip chair.

From Architectural Digest, the tulip chair brings in an air of freshness to this Manhattan apartment.

From, the tulip chair as desk chair and a flokati lending a bit of softness and texture.

From, the classic pairing of tulip table and chairs and spun floor lamp in an old world interior.  So love this blending of styles.

To review and purchase the tulip chair reproduction,  visit here for armchair and here for armless chair.

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