Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kjaerholm's PK61 Table of Glass, Steel and Gravity

In 1956, following the creation and subsequent criticism of his PK22 Lounge Chair, Poul Kjaerholm created his PK61 Square Table.  Many felt the PK22 Lounge Chair was too low to the ground, so the Danish designer decided to create a table of matching proportions and created a new style to used by many others in future decades.

The Modern Classics reproduction of the PK61 Square Table is crafted with a stainless steel base and a tempered glass top.  One of Kjaerholm’s design principals is that gravity should be used to keep pieces in place, as is demonstrated with the removable glass top on this table.  The stainless steel pieces are joined with machine screws to form the unique base structure and a small lip extends just beyond the glass to hold the top in place.

Come see this dynamic piece and other of Kjaerholm’s pieces in either our Chicago or Seattle Showroom!

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