Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saarinen's Solution: The Tulip Chair

What most people simply refer to as a “chair,” Eero Saarinen would refer to as a “slum of legs.”  Rather than seeing a sitting device and stabilized with four legs, the Finnish architect saw clutter that “makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world.”  These words were coming from the same architect who believed in simplicity with ‘one piece, one material.’  His solution to the catastrophe that was the 4-legged chair was the Tulip Chair he created in 1957. 

The Modern Classics Tulip Armless Chair Reproduction adheres to the fluid-like structure that Saarinen modeled after a drop of high-viscosity liquid.  Sitting upon a cast aluminum swivel base, our version of this iconic chair has a molded fiber-reinforced polymer white shell. 

Do you view the shape of this chair as a Tulip or a Wine Glass?  

Come visit us in either our Chicago or Seattle Showroom and see for yourself!

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