Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saarinen's Help in The Transition to Modernism in America

The iconic Womb Chair also was a key ingredient for the cultural transition in America in the 1950s toward modernism and away from traditional family structure.  By way of print advertising, well-known artists and brands, most notably was Norman Rockwell, would feature the Womb Chair in their campaigns.  Rockwell would use Saarinen’s creations by portraying his traditional settings, just as he had always done, and using the Womb Chair as the perfect touch of modernism to accommodate the changing times.

We have come a long way since this transition and the Womb Chair has retained icon status every step of the way.  The Womb Chair Reproduction we make honors many features of Saarinen’s design and also embraces new technology since the 1950s.  For example, we use stainless steel legs whereas the signature model uses mild steel and chrome plating.  Also, the best option Saarinen had in the late 1940s, and what is still used in the signature model, is the standard HDPE thin plastic internal shell, though we use a fiber-reinforced polymer internal shell for maximum strength.

Come have a seat (I won’t blame you if it turns in to a nap) in this comfy piece of history in either our Chicago or Seattle Showroom!

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