Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Corona Chair: Novel Trend and Classic Icon

There is no magic recipe for what it takes to spark a trend among the masses, though we can say at least two of the ingredients are persistence and courage of one individual who is able to convince everyone else to follow an unprecedented fashion.  Even after it catches on and becomes all the rage, there’s no way to tell if it will go the direction of becoming a classic icon or fading away overnight—like my sneaker wedges sitting in my closet since last year.

In the case of Poul Volther and his Corona Chair’s debut in 1964, his Danish audience thought the chair was too trendy and bizarre, especially since there was nothing else like it at the time.  Fortunately, his US audience loved this innovative chair and the high demand turned this Corona Chair into a classic icon.

Our Corona Chair Reproduction has a swivel base of stainless steel legs, and our cushioning of high-resilient multi-density foam and molded fiber-reinforced polymer internal shell makes our version just as comfortable and beautiful as Volther’s version.

Come check out this new addition to our Chicago or Seattle Showroom!

Painting: "Learning to Bloom" by Sharon Kingston

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wegner's Most Comfortable Solution for Perfect Posture

Despite years of my mom telling me to sit up straight, a Rodin-esque slouch seems to be my default posture while sitting on my computer.  Beyond just not looking pretty, did you know poor posture causes many adverse health effects including poor digestion, spinal curvature, poor circulation and even increased stress levels?

Hans Wegner realized the value of proper posture and created his classic Wing Back Lounge Chair that combats that natural droop many of us collapse into while sitting down and focused on anything other than maintaining a straight spine.   

Our Wegner Wing Back Lounge Chair Reproduction employs the same dimensions and elements of Wegner’s original design to ensure proper posture.  Of the four stainless steel legs, the two back legs are lower than the two front legs, creating a backward slant in the seat that prevents that corrects the natural curve in the lower back, meanwhile the wings provide the most satisfying support in the upper back, neck shoulders and head.

Come check it out at our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom and experience how comfortable perfect posture can be!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Warren Platner's Iconic 'Shiny Sheaf of Wheat'

It seems appropriate that Warren Platner, the mid-century modern architect born and raised in the United States, is best known for his collection meant to resemble a ‘shiny sheaf of wheat.’  Though Platner’s inspiration for his iconic collection was the grace and subtle ornamentation akin to the period of Louis XV, the production method and structure was unprecedented in the 1960s.  The circle of hundreds of metal rods that comprised the base required a production method involving over 1000 welds.

Our Platner Round Side Table Reproduction still practices the production method Platner designed.  Our version uses stainless steel rods for the base rather than the nickel-plated steel rods Platner initially used and what is still used on the signature model.   We use stainless steel for its resiliency against any bumps or scratches that might happen, where as the nickel-plated steel tends to chip.

Come check it out at our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom and see how the understated elegance is worth every step of the production process!

Painting: "The Intimacy of the Natural World" by Sharon Kingston

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy 138th Birthday, Eileen Gray!

From the limited knowledge that we have on the designs of Eileen Gray, a true testament to her spatial genius can be seen in her pieces that have remained classic fixtures in homes and offices across the globe. Some attribute the lack of credit to her innovative designs to many of her pieces being destroyed during World War II. Other theories are that she was simply overshadowed due to her being in a male dominated field of the time. After all, let’s not forget her rivalry with Le Corbusier who could have used a lesson or two in proper houseguest etiquette.

One piece that we can all be thankful was spared from the damage of World War II is the Eileen Gray Day Bed. It was created for Madam Talbot’s Parisian apartment in 1925 and was inspired by Polynesian dugout canoes. Our Eileen Gray Day Bed Reproduction is crafted with a polished stainless steel tubular frame and several choices of top-grain Italian Leather from Grade A hides. Our reproduction is open from all sides for any one who wishes to sit, just as Gray intended.

This week our favorite Irish architect would have been 138 years old so be sure to raise a glass on Saturday and honor her for her fortitude and innovative designs we still cherish today!  You can also check out many of our other reproductions in either our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom!