Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Warren Platner's Iconic 'Shiny Sheaf of Wheat'

It seems appropriate that Warren Platner, the mid-century modern architect born and raised in the United States, is best known for his collection meant to resemble a ‘shiny sheaf of wheat.’  Though Platner’s inspiration for his iconic collection was the grace and subtle ornamentation akin to the period of Louis XV, the production method and structure was unprecedented in the 1960s.  The circle of hundreds of metal rods that comprised the base required a production method involving over 1000 welds.

Our Platner Round Side Table Reproduction still practices the production method Platner designed.  Our version uses stainless steel rods for the base rather than the nickel-plated steel rods Platner initially used and what is still used on the signature model.   We use stainless steel for its resiliency against any bumps or scratches that might happen, where as the nickel-plated steel tends to chip.

Come check it out at our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom and see how the understated elegance is worth every step of the production process!

Painting: "The Intimacy of the Natural World" by Sharon Kingston

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