Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wegner's Most Comfortable Solution for Perfect Posture

Despite years of my mom telling me to sit up straight, a Rodin-esque slouch seems to be my default posture while sitting on my computer.  Beyond just not looking pretty, did you know poor posture causes many adverse health effects including poor digestion, spinal curvature, poor circulation and even increased stress levels?

Hans Wegner realized the value of proper posture and created his classic Wing Back Lounge Chair that combats that natural droop many of us collapse into while sitting down and focused on anything other than maintaining a straight spine.   

Our Wegner Wing Back Lounge Chair Reproduction employs the same dimensions and elements of Wegner’s original design to ensure proper posture.  Of the four stainless steel legs, the two back legs are lower than the two front legs, creating a backward slant in the seat that prevents that corrects the natural curve in the lower back, meanwhile the wings provide the most satisfying support in the upper back, neck shoulders and head.

Come check it out at our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom and experience how comfortable perfect posture can be!

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