Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's Define What Is 'Art Deco'

Certain words and terms have been used incorrectly for so long it seems we have lost track of what they actually mean.  Words like ‘literally,’ unless something is being told factually or ‘awesome,’ which must describe something that is awe-inspiring and does not apply to whatever you had for lunch.  ‘Art Deco’ seems to be one I hear frequently, as if it can apply to all types of art and design, when in fact it is much more specific.

In the context of furniture, Art Deco is a style that took its name in 1925 during the Paris Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Arts and flourished well in to the 1940s.  A few obvious design elements to look for when correctly speaking of this style are rounded corners, a set of three in the design, geometric forms and use of stainless steel.

When seeing our Art Deco Chair, one can be certain they are using this term correctly.  The stainless steel square tube frame curves around the back and supports the seat and back cushions made from high resilient multi-density foam and upholstered in our Italian top-grain, Grade A, aniline-dyed leather. 

Come have a seat in our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom and learn why this style has always remained in fashion!

Painting: "Learning to Bloom" by Sharon Kingston

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