Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Poul Kjaerholm's Perfect Harmony of Tension

In studying the principles for building a cantilevered chair that were created by his predecessors of the Bauhaus movement, Poul Kjaerholm decided to create a lounge chair that took this method a step further... actually, three steps further.

Basic rules of physics state the perfect balance of tension and compression in the curved structure of the cantilever chair allows for immense strength.  Kjaerholm decided to optimize this strength by using the cantilever method in all elements of the chair, beyond just the legs.  The curved legs are connected to the curved side frames and attached to the transverse (and, you guessed it, curved) crossbar across the bottom of the seat.  These three cantilevers working in perfect harmony creates a permanent tension in the whole seat and back of this chair, and immense strength.

Our PK20 Lounger Reproduction accurately follows his original design, employing the rules of physics and graceful beauty Kjaerholm intended. Our Scandinavian Leather is sewn into tubes that are connected and give a ribbed diaphragm and contributes to the strength of the chair. 

Come check out this newest addition to our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom!

Painting: "The Future Enters Us" by Sharon Kingston

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