Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saarinen's Designs of the Future

It is always entertaining to go back to any decade and explore how people envisioned the future.  If we were on track with the Mid Century era’s fantasies of the future, we might all be in flying cars, have robot maids to clean up and be living on a different planet.  Eero Saarinen’s distinct style of smooth arches and fluid-like curves in his designs seems to be the foundation of this commonly illustrated ‘space age’ aesthetic of the 1960s.

For example, the Star Trek crew aboard the USS Enterprise always looked comfortable sitting in Saarinen’s iconic tulip chair, as you may recall.  Does this chair bring any other childhood favorite television shows to mind?

Our Tulip Armchair Reproduction is set upon a cast aluminum swivel base with a molded fiber-reinforced polymer white shell.  We use high-resilient multi-density foam for the seat cushion that comes in a vast array of fabric or leather options.

Come check out this chair of the future in any of our showroom locations that may be in your area!

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