Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wegner's Ox Chair and Picasso On My Mind

This past week, with the arrival of our Ox Chair Reproduction to the Chicago Showroom, I found myself passively thinking about Picasso’s Guernica the same way I’ll get a song stuck in my head.  It all made perfect sense upon realizing Wegner’s inspiration for this chair came from Picasso’s surrealism paintings in the 1930s.

Wegner does not specify which painting directly influenced his iconic Ox Chair and its safe to say he could have been influenced by any of Picasso’s surrealism paintings.  Does this chair bring any to mind for you?

Our Ox Chair Reproduction is crafted to the same dimensions as Wegner originally designed and comes in several color choices of our high quality fully aniline dyed Italian leather.  We use a high-density foam cushion over a molded fiber-reinforced polymer internal shell and stainless steel legs to ensure ultimate comfort for the many years you'll have this chair.

Come check out our Ox Chair Reproduction in either our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom!

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