Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Perfect Balance of Beauty and Strength

Mies van der Rohe appreciated the perfect balance of beauty and strength and applied this to his designs, like the Brno Chair.   The obvious elegance of this chair is his ideal that ‘less is more,’ a concept many designers still use.  To add functionality to his already elegant chair, he slightly curved the front legs of the sled base, resulting in only four points that touch the floor and maximizing the amount of weight this chair could hold-- and he was certainly not a small man!

Of all the beautiful designs of that era, we recognize the strength of his Brno chair design is what has made it a useful chair in the years since, and in a wide array of settings from dining tables to waiting rooms to executive offices.  Unlike most reproducers of this chair, we honor the exact dimensions of his original design since it is both the beauty and the strength that make this chair simply perfect.   
Come check out our Brno Chair Reproduction in either our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom!

Painting: "Learning to Bloom" by Sharon Kingston

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