Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bertoia's Iconic Steel Latticework Style

“Bertoia’s paintings were better than his sculptures.  And his sculptures were better than his furniture.  And his furniture was absolutely brilliant.”  -- Brian Lutz

Florence Knoll must have held the same opinion for Bertoia’s artistic vision when she gave him complete freedom to let his creativity lead him to wherever it may, so long as he let her know when he had arrived at something interesting.  This was how Bertoia came up with his signature steel latticework method that makes any of his furniture instantly recognizable.

One of our newest additions to the Chicago showroom is our Bertoia Barstool Reproduction.  The wire steel latticework frame with triple-strike chrome plating ensures durability for the many years you will have this stylish chair.  With 17 leather color options for the seat cushion, you can customize this classic barstool for any setting. 

Come check our Bertoia Barstool Reproduction at either our Chicago or Bellingham Showrooms!

Painting: "The Future Enters Us" by Sharon Kingston

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Arne Jacobsen's Wickedly Modern Egg Chair

Created in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair fits the form and function ideal of his predecessors along with his innovative design that creates an option for privacy. Its commanding presence and ability to hide away with a slight swivel on the rotating base has made this a popular chair among many filmmakers’ villains since the 1960s.

Although I rarely do much evil-plotting anymore, I do enjoy the comfort of our Egg Chair Reproduction as it contours to the natural curves of the body, just as Arne Jacobsen originally designed it to do.  Available in a 19 colors of our exclusive boucle textured fabrics and a cushion that we've added a little extra foam, this chair is enough to turn any villain into a good-natured hero.

Come have a seat and a swivel in our Egg Chair Reproduction in either our Bellingham or Chicago showrooms!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LC4 Chaise Lounge: Something for Everyone

“I imagined an ordinary, tired soldier who stretches out on his back, places his feet against a tree and his backpack beneath his head.”

According to Charlotte Perriand, these words sum up the inspiration for the iconic LC4 Chaise Lounge created in collaboration between she and Le Corbusier in 1928. 

With the infinite positions this piece can adjust to be, soldiers and anyone else can find their preferred point of comfort.  From sitting upright to fully reclining, the curves of this chaise lounge contour to the natural curves of the body making it adaptable for any body type.

Our LC4 Chaise Lounge Reproduction honors the dimensions of the original design, from our stainless steel frame to each carefully constructed contour.  With a wide variety of our Italian leather colors and pony hide options to choose from, there is a way for everyone to make this unique piece truly your own.

Come check it out and see for yourself at our Chicago or Bellingham showroom!

Painting: "The Intimacy of the Natural World" by Sharon Kingston

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

PK20 Lounger: A Comfortable Mistake

Originally intending to utilize spare leather strips from other furniture, Poul Kjaerholm began designing what is now his famous PK20 Lounger.  His idea did not go as he planned since using the spare leather meant inconsistent sizes and shapes.  Instead, he decided to use fine leather strips of matching proportions and a steel spring frame base, resulting in an elegant ‘easy chair’ of extraordinary strength.

Our PK20 Lounger Reproduction follows the same dimensions as the original design, crafted with a stainless steel base and a wide choice of our Scandinavian leathers.

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