Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not All Leather Is Created The Same

When it comes to furnishing your home with leather furniture, many unfamiliar words and terms are thrown around.  Simply put, its obvious that not all leather is created the same, particularly when it comes to overall quality and durability, so it is critical to know what to look for and what to avoid.  To help with this process, here is a quick guide about what makes our Grade A Italian leathers among the finest you will find:

Top Grain Leather:  This particular grain of leather that we use is best suited for furniture upholstery due to its pliability and unmatched strength and durability.  These characteristics are achieved by removing the ‘split’ layer of the leather during the tanning process.  The result is a luxurious texture of leather that is also stain resistant.

Pure Aniline-Dyed:  Our premium leathers are all 100% aniline dyed which means the color you see is achieved by soaking the leather in a large drum of non-toxic dye to penetrate the leather’s grain all the way through and still visually maintain the integrity of the leather’s natural surface.  Between our premium leather and standard leather options, the premium leather is the softer.

Semi-Aniline-Dyed:  With the same durability as our premium leathers, our standard leathers are semi-aniline dyed.  This is the same process as mentioned above, though a small amount of pigment has been added to achieve the desired color and imperfections are corrected on the leather where necessary.

A few terms to be wary of when doing your research:

Bonded Leather:  We only use genuine leather and will never use bonded.  Bonded leather is the leftover leather that is ground together with glue and recycled, resulting in a poor quality that will decompose quickly.

Split Hide—We only use top grain leather, unlike other furniture manufacturers who use the bottom part of the leather called the ‘split hide.’  This is rougher, stiffer and prone to cracking, and moreover this leather cannot guarantee any level of durability that comes even close to our leather.

You can come see, smell, feel and sit in our wide variety of leathers showroom locations.  If you are not able to visit we can always mail you any swatches of our leathers by filling out our Material Sample Request Form.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mies van der Rohe's Regal Barcelona Chair

When furnishing your home in a style fit for a king and queen, the obvious choice is seating that was initially created for a king and queen.  Namely, Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Seating.    Specifically designed as seating for the royal family at the 1929 International Exposition, Mies van der Rohe drew inspiration for his iconic Barcelona Chair from the regal folding chairs of the Pharaohs.

Our Barcelona Chair Reproduction closely matches the dimensions of the original, though we have made a few adjustments for ultimate comfort.  With a premium foam cushion meant to last 35 years, a premium stainless steel frame and 17 color options of our top-grain Italian leathers,  our version has all the elements to make any home feel like your domestic palace.

Come check it out at any of our showroom locations nationwide, and see what has made this chair fit for royalty throughout the ages!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finn Juhl's Floating Baker Sofa

When thinking of the main designers who brought Danish Modern to the United States, Finn Juhl will always remain at the top of the list.  The Danish architect’s furniture designs are easily distinguished from those of his contemporaries' by the floating back and seat combined with his personal wooden modernist style and organic curves.

A prime example of Juhl’s work is his Baker Sofa he created in 1951 while working for the Baker Furniture Company.  The back of the sofa is suspended above the seat giving off the illusion it is hovering over it and also creates a visual lightness for a sofa of its size.

Our reproduction of the Baker Sofa honors the same dimensions of Juhl's original design.  With 4 wood color choices for the base and 19 color options our of exclusive boucle fabric colors for the two-toned sofa, this sofa can be personalized to fit any living room setting.  With a traditional hardwood internal frame and our high resilient multi-density foam, our Baker Sofa Reproduction is guaranteed to serve you with style and comfort for many years.

Come visit any of our showroom locations near you and feel firsthand how our furniture is different from all the rest!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter With A Womb Chair

When they weather outside if frightful, watching it from the warmth of my living room at the end of the day is my idea of simply delightful.  It is as if Eero Saarinen had this exact notion in mind when designing his iconic Womb Chair in 1948.   Whether you prefer to kick up your feet or curl up in a ball while watching the winter outside, this Finnish architect’s Womb Chair has the organic curves and shape to maximize your comfiest position.

Our reproduction of Saarinen's Womb Chair is upholstered in our exclusive modern boucle fabric in a wide variety of color options.  Crafted with a molded fiber-reinforced polymer interal shell and stainless steel legs, our materials all ensure an added level of durability that was not yet available in the 1940s.

Come check it out and have a seat in our Womb Chair Reproduction in one of our Modern Classics Showrooms near you!

Modern Classics

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Swan Chair Effect

Arne Jacobsen had originally developed his Swan Chair in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.  In the years since, the Swan Chair has become an optimal ‘occasional chair’ since it fits perfectly in any setting.  It takes up relatively little space and has a shape and presence that adds a perfect modern accent and pop of color.

Our Swan Chair Reproduction uses the same dimensions Arne Jacobsen originally designed for this chair, though we have added a little extra of our foam padding for extra comfort.  We use a polished stainless steel for the swivel base that is more durable than the signature model’s mild steel and chrome plated base that tends to chip.

Come check it out and have a seat at either our Chicago or Bellingham Showroom!

Painting: "Learning to Bloom" by Sharon Kingston
Modern Classics