Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not All Leather Is Created The Same

When it comes to furnishing your home with leather furniture, many unfamiliar words and terms are thrown around.  Simply put, its obvious that not all leather is created the same, particularly when it comes to overall quality and durability, so it is critical to know what to look for and what to avoid.  To help with this process, here is a quick guide about what makes our Grade A Italian leathers among the finest you will find:

Top Grain Leather:  This particular grain of leather that we use is best suited for furniture upholstery due to its pliability and unmatched strength and durability.  These characteristics are achieved by removing the ‘split’ layer of the leather during the tanning process.  The result is a luxurious texture of leather that is also stain resistant.

Pure Aniline-Dyed:  Our premium leathers are all 100% aniline dyed which means the color you see is achieved by soaking the leather in a large drum of non-toxic dye to penetrate the leather’s grain all the way through and still visually maintain the integrity of the leather’s natural surface.  Between our premium leather and standard leather options, the premium leather is the softer.

Semi-Aniline-Dyed:  With the same durability as our premium leathers, our standard leathers are semi-aniline dyed.  This is the same process as mentioned above, though a small amount of pigment has been added to achieve the desired color and imperfections are corrected on the leather where necessary.

A few terms to be wary of when doing your research:

Bonded Leather:  We only use genuine leather and will never use bonded.  Bonded leather is the leftover leather that is ground together with glue and recycled, resulting in a poor quality that will decompose quickly.

Split Hide—We only use top grain leather, unlike other furniture manufacturers who use the bottom part of the leather called the ‘split hide.’  This is rougher, stiffer and prone to cracking, and moreover this leather cannot guarantee any level of durability that comes even close to our leather.

You can come see, smell, feel and sit in our wide variety of leathers showroom locations.  If you are not able to visit we can always mail you any swatches of our leathers by filling out our Material Sample Request Form.

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