Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter With A Womb Chair

When they weather outside if frightful, watching it from the warmth of my living room at the end of the day is my idea of simply delightful.  It is as if Eero Saarinen had this exact notion in mind when designing his iconic Womb Chair in 1948.   Whether you prefer to kick up your feet or curl up in a ball while watching the winter outside, this Finnish architect’s Womb Chair has the organic curves and shape to maximize your comfiest position.

Our reproduction of Saarinen's Womb Chair is upholstered in our exclusive modern boucle fabric in a wide variety of color options.  Crafted with a molded fiber-reinforced polymer interal shell and stainless steel legs, our materials all ensure an added level of durability that was not yet available in the 1940s.

Come check it out and have a seat in our Womb Chair Reproduction in one of our Modern Classics Showrooms near you!

Modern Classics

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