Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here's To You, Florence Knoll

While studying art history in college, my favorite artists were the ones who took a geometric approach to their work with minimal ornamentation to allow the perfection of their geometric creations to shine.  These favorite artists include Filippo Brunelleschi, father of linear perspective, Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter and a founder of the De Stijl, and lastly, Florence Knoll, modern architect and self-proclaimed 'meat and potatoes' designer who never gave herself enough credit for her geometric and iconic designs, all perfect in their simplicity.

In an era when furniture designs with organic shapes, soft curves  and bright colors were emerging, Knoll stuck to the geometric basics in her 'meat and potato' furniture designs, intending to offset the these avant-garde designs of her close friends and colleagues.  All the same, her Lounge Collection designs still became furniture icons we use today.

One particularly comfortable reminder of her geometric genius is our Knoll Lounge Chair Reproduction, inspired by her Lounge Collection.  Our version honors the same dimensions she had designed for this chair and is available in a wide variety of color choices of our top-grain leathers and our exclusive boucle textured fabrics.  We have the luxury to use improved materials that were only invented after her time by way of new technology, making this chair even more durable and comfortable than was ever thought possible.

Come check our Knoll Lounge Chair Reproduction at one of our showroom locations near you!

Painting:  The Intimacy of the Natural World by
Sharon Kingston
Modern Classics

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