Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Choosing the Perfect Dining Chair 101

When going through all your options to find the perfect dining room chairs,  too many beautiful options can make it hard to know that you ‘ve made the right choice.  The good news is that picking the right look is probably the hardest part when all other factors to consider are primarily objective:

Number of Chairs
To find the number of guests any size of dining table can fit, consider each guest will need 24 to 30 inches of table edge.  Finding the perimeter is easy for rectangular dining tables, but for round dining tables, instead of struggling with a tape measurer you can multiply the diameter of the tabletop by 3.14 (Pi) to get the perimeter.

Dining Chairs With Arms or Without Arms?
Though it is entirely up to you to go with or without arms on your dining chairs, though if you like both options and can’t decide, customarily armchairs are placed at the head of the table and armless chairs on the sides.  If space is limited, armless dining chairs will take up less visual and actual space and the seat height should be 10-12inches from the tabletop.  If comfort is your main criteria, armchairs will be your better option so long as space is not compromised.    SThe seat height should still be 10-12 inches from the tabletop and the arms should easily clear the tabletop by about 2 inches.

Size of the Dining Room:
When deciding which size and shape of dining table works best, consider the size of the room where its going.  Note that you will need at least 36 inches between the wall and table on all sides for an easy passageway for guests getting up from the table and also to avoid damaged walls from chairs being pulled out.

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