Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Recipe for Mixing in Modern Styles

Think of all the different styles of interiors decor and furniture designs there are: art deco, asian, coastal, shabby chic, traditional, industrial, rococo.  I'm not sure when the idea came about that only one style is allowed but not only is that not true... mixing modern styles with other styles should be encouraged!

By mixing your modern furniture with other styles, you can create a truly unique setting that will transform your house into a home.  The only tricky part about mixing different styles is it can easily go awry if too much mixing and matching is going on, so here are a few easy guidelines:

1.  Contrast is key:
Don't even try to match aesthetics from two different styles.  Instead try going with contrasts such as pairing subtle with bold, round with square, geometric with curved, modern with industrial.

2.  The right balance of both styles:
Much like cooking, remember you can always add more but you can't always take away which is something to keep in mind for the process of adding in new styles and pieces.

3.  Color combinations:
Having one pop of color among neutral tones is great.  Having two pops of color can work as well.  Three different colors and we may be heading for a rainbow mess.  Bringing in color swatches and experimenting can be fun but just remember 'less is more' in order to avoid color chaos.

These are just a few guidelines for mixing modern styles with other styles but you may have your own methods too for creating a decor for your home that is your personal style!  Let us know either by writing in or stop by one of our three showroom locations and tell us all about it!

Painting: "The Future Enters Us" by Sharon Kingston

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