Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Little Bit about Our Fantastic Boucle Fabric

If there is one silver lining to these subzero Chicago winters, I would have to say its the chance to break out my warm wool and cashmere sweaters.  Although once I see those pesky fibrous balls of pilling on my favorite sweaters, its time for them to lose their spot in my closet

Upholstering furniture with wool and cashmere blends will have exactly this same issue, only on a much larger and more devastating scale (and not as easily remedied with a trip to the mall for a new sweater).  It is a wonder why this is typically what you will find on most furniture though, but we decided to break away from this norm with our exclusive boucle fabric collection.

Particularly suited to the MidCentury style, our modern boucle fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, a significantly more resilient and durable option than the others.  With 19 color options, it's visual appeal is matched only by its premium quality that will last years after any furniture upholstered in the wool/cashmere blend is covered in pilling and here's why:

UV Resistance:
Want to place your new chair by the window in direct sunlight for a lazy afternoon?  Go right ahead!  Our UV resistant fabric means your chair will be the same color  it is fresh out the delivery box as it will be after years of sitting in your sunniest corner of the living room.

Stain Resistance:
The feeling of panic at seeing red wine being knocked over on your new furniture will be replaced by a feeling of total relief as you witness the liquids beading and easily wiped away without a trace.  We use a Greenshield™ finish on our boucle fabric making it resistant to an stains.

Our boucle fabrics have an abrasion resistance of 250,000 Double Rubs.  You are more than welcome to test this yourself, or you can save a lot of time by just taking our word for it.

Come visit any of our three factory showroom locations to see our boucle fabrics for yourself.  You can also fill out our Material Sample Request Form and we are always happy to send you a physical swatch!

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