Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Distinguishing Features to Consider When Shopping for Furniture Reproductions

To the untrained eye, many furniture reproductions and original models can look so similar when placed side by side if the right measures are taken to adhere to the original specifications like our reproductions do

On various pieces there are distinguishing features in the original models that can be the tell tale sign of which is an accurate reproduction and which is a cheap knock off:

Down Feather Filled Cushions:
The down feather filling is the only way to achieve this relaxed aesthetic in the cushions that is especially popular on furniture from the modern periods.  The PK31 Chair is a perfect example of this and, unlike our PK31 Lounge Chair Reproduction which uses the down feather filling, you will see many reproductions that overlook this key detail and end up with an obvious knockoff

Also known as piping, this is one of those details that may not be immediately obvious to some.  When something seems to be not quite right with a cheap knockoff but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, it is usually the welting.  Unlike other reproductions, we hand roll the welting on all of our pieces.

Dimensions of the Furniture:
It is amazing how some reproductions tend to deviate too far from the original dimensions and visually become a totally different piece of furniture.  We have made slight adjustments for comfort in a few of our pieces though always taking into account the original design.
These are just a few features to take into consideration, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can always stop in to our Bellingham, Chicago or Dallas showrooms to see firsthand how our reproductions adhere closely to the original designs and fine details!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A BRNO Chair for Every Room!

I could easily make a mile-long list of all the reasons I love the BRNO Chair, but for the sake of brevity, today I’ll just focus on its versatility.

The ongoing question of whether it is an office chair or a dining chair need never be asked again: it is both and so much more.  With the element of modern style these chairs bring to any room, the unexpected level of supreme comfort and level of durability on our BRNO Chair Reproductions, the options are really endless.

BRNO Chair in the Office:  We offer arm pads as an option on our BRNO Chair Reproductions and in an office setting, the arm pads are a great way to go.  These are typically used as guest chairs or executive chairs in office settings, though you can also find them in lobbies and waiting areas too. 

BRNO Chair in the Dining Room:  You can expect hours of good conversation at your dining table when you are entertaining your guests in these chairs.  With how comfortable as the BRNO Chairs are, your guests may never want to leave.  Although it seems the arm pads are used more for office settings, there is no rule against using them in the dining room too, so it is entirely up to your personal preference.

BRNO Chair in the Bedroom:  Perhaps this is not the first place one would visually place this chair but it is actually the exact room the original flat bar Brno Chair was placed in Mies van der Rohe's Villa Tugendhat.  Perfect as a pair or even a single chair standing alone, it is perfect for that one bare corner or as a late night reading chair.

What is your favorite place to see the BRNO Chair? 

Stop by any of our three showroom locations in Bellingham, Chicago or Dallas and see first hand the beauty and versatility of our BRNO Chair Reproductions!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To Pick Indoor Plants to Accent a Modern Home

Indoor plants are the only room décor accessories that are both visually appealing and offer health benefits.  Even if you do not have a green thumb or an unlimited budget, there are plenty kinds of options to accent your Midcentury décor.

Low-Maintenance Plants:  If you are unable to commit to watering your plants everyday due to traveling for work or just plain forgetfulness,  there are a variety of plants that can go a few weeks without water.  A few of these include the rubber plants, jade plants or philodendrons.

Sunlight:  The other basic necessity for thriving plants is sunlight.  Think about where your plants will be placed and if it is high, medium or low light.  Different plants thrive in different types of light.  Your local nursery can point you in the right direction for which plants work best in your home’s lighting.

Combat Pollution: All plants remove pollutants from the air, though some more efficiently than others.  If you live in an urban setting it will be particularly beneficial to your health to choose from these more efficient plants, such as aloe vera or spider plants, to combat any toxic air pollutants you may be inhaling.

Climate: Where you live will largely depend on which type of plant will survive best depending on temperature, humidity and changing seasons.  It is best to talk to your local nursery who can either recommend the best plants for your location or methods for caring for plants that may otherwise not fare well in your climate.

What is your favorite type of plant to add to your modern home?  Either let us know by posting below or stop in to any of our three showroom locations in Chicago, Bellingham or Dallas!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Minimalism As a Lifestyle

I keep reading lately about the new Micro-Dwelling movement that boast maximum living efficiency in minimal space.  From the tiny houses in Portland to the micro-studios in Manhattan, the overriding objectives sound a lot like the minimalist ideals created in the early modernist movement.  A few that instantly come to mind are:

-Form following function
-Perfection in the absence of ornamentation
-Spatial implementation of intellectual decisions

These ideals have been applied in many forms since the Bauhaus Modern movement that can be seen in many forms including furniture design.  Perhaps the part that fascinates me the most about the minimal living space movement are the fresh solutions that can turn a 400 square foot studio into a habitable space.  It seems to be the same mindset of the Bauhaus movement that strongly valued innovation, functionalism and experimentation.  

The commitment we have here at Modern Classics Furniture for accurately reproducing the original furniture designs honors the modern ideals much like current architects seem to be doing with these micro-dwellings.

Come visit any of our showrooms in ChicagoBellingham or Dallas to have a seat and see for yourself how minimalism and beauty can be a comfortable and classic combination!

Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman Reproduction in our Cayenne Red Boucle Fabric