Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To Pick Indoor Plants to Accent a Modern Home

Indoor plants are the only room décor accessories that are both visually appealing and offer health benefits.  Even if you do not have a green thumb or an unlimited budget, there are plenty kinds of options to accent your Midcentury décor.

Low-Maintenance Plants:  If you are unable to commit to watering your plants everyday due to traveling for work or just plain forgetfulness,  there are a variety of plants that can go a few weeks without water.  A few of these include the rubber plants, jade plants or philodendrons.

Sunlight:  The other basic necessity for thriving plants is sunlight.  Think about where your plants will be placed and if it is high, medium or low light.  Different plants thrive in different types of light.  Your local nursery can point you in the right direction for which plants work best in your home’s lighting.

Combat Pollution: All plants remove pollutants from the air, though some more efficiently than others.  If you live in an urban setting it will be particularly beneficial to your health to choose from these more efficient plants, such as aloe vera or spider plants, to combat any toxic air pollutants you may be inhaling.

Climate: Where you live will largely depend on which type of plant will survive best depending on temperature, humidity and changing seasons.  It is best to talk to your local nursery who can either recommend the best plants for your location or methods for caring for plants that may otherwise not fare well in your climate.

What is your favorite type of plant to add to your modern home?  Either let us know by posting below or stop in to any of our three showroom locations in Chicago, Bellingham or Dallas!

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