Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Minimalism As a Lifestyle

I keep reading lately about the new Micro-Dwelling movement that boast maximum living efficiency in minimal space.  From the tiny houses in Portland to the micro-studios in Manhattan, the overriding objectives sound a lot like the minimalist ideals created in the early modernist movement.  A few that instantly come to mind are:

-Form following function
-Perfection in the absence of ornamentation
-Spatial implementation of intellectual decisions

These ideals have been applied in many forms since the Bauhaus Modern movement that can be seen in many forms including furniture design.  Perhaps the part that fascinates me the most about the minimal living space movement are the fresh solutions that can turn a 400 square foot studio into a habitable space.  It seems to be the same mindset of the Bauhaus movement that strongly valued innovation, functionalism and experimentation.  

The commitment we have here at Modern Classics Furniture for accurately reproducing the original furniture designs honors the modern ideals much like current architects seem to be doing with these micro-dwellings.

Come visit any of our showrooms in ChicagoBellingham or Dallas to have a seat and see for yourself how minimalism and beauty can be a comfortable and classic combination!

Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman Reproduction in our Cayenne Red Boucle Fabric

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