Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Closer Looks: Saarinen's Tulip Chair Reproduction

Eero Saarinen’s classic Tulip Chair is one of those instantly recognizable pieces that is unimposing enough to fit in among almost any style of room, and still sets a modern tone among its surroundings.

Originally designed by Eero Saarinen as a solution to the 4 legged-chair he thought was mess of legs, this mono-legged chair has become a staple in modern dining areas and offices around the world.

Our Tulip Chair Reproduction closely honors the original dimensions of Saarinen’s original design along with his fluid and sculptural shape of the chair.  We chose top craft our reproduction from a molded fiber-reinforced polymer white shell since it is the most durable and highest quality material available today.  With several leather and color options we offer, our Tulip Chair Reproduction can be customized to fit in any room you choose!

Come have a swivel in any one of our three factory showrooms in Bellingham, Chicago or Dallas and see why this chair has maintained icon status throughout the decades!

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