Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Reasons to Love Wegner's Shell Chair

Its hard to believe that one of the most iconic chairs of the 20th century, Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair, was met with a mediocre welcome when it was first unveiled in 1963.  Many doubted the stability of the 3-legged design, which is ironic since it is now a revered chair for many reasons, one being its remarkable stability.

Also referred to as the Smiling Chair, it can fit in either home or office settings.  This chair exemplifies Wegner’s ideal that furniture should be beautiful from all angles, so there is no limit to the placement or angle this chair is placed in any room.

Our reproduction of Wegner’s Shell Chair closely matches the dimensions of the original design with a few adjustments for ultimate comfort.  We have also added extra cushioning in the back and seat.  With a variety of leather colors of pony hide options, this chair is an ideal addition to almost any room.

Come check it out in any of our three showroom locations in Bellingham, Chicago or Dallas!

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