Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Le Corbusier's LC4 Chaise "Longue" Through The Ages

“Modern life demands, and it waiting for a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city.”
By looking at any of the contributions by Le Corbusier during the age of Modernism, one can easily digest the full meaning of these words.  A perfect example is seen in his LC4 Chaise Lounge he revealed in 1928 and that has remained an iconic classic thanks to its simple and versatile beauty.

The adjustable lounge chair (originally spelled ‘longue’ by the Swiss-French architect) slides up and down on the base meaning there is an ideal position of comfort for everyone.   Comfort combined with the beauty made obvious by the absence of unnecessary ornamentation, a major ideal of the modern period, this ‘relaxing machine’ can fit in almost any room of any style.

We recognize the value of Le Corbusier’s original design and our LC4 Chaise Lounge Chair Reproduction matches the dimensions of the signature model.  We use our polished #304 stainless steel on the tubular frame rather than mild steel and chrome plating originally used and still used on the “signature” brand, due to its durability and resiliency that outshines that of the alternative.   With all the comfort and beauty of the original Chaise Lounge, but at a fraction of the price, the only question left is “leather or pony hide?”

Come check out this and our many other accurate and iconic modern furniture reproductions at any of our 3 showroom locations in BellinghamChicago or Dallas!

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