Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Latest Resurgence of Mid-Century Modern Design

The iconic designs that emerged in the middle of the 20th century were not defined as “Mid-Century Modern” until 1983 when Cara Greenberg coined the term with her book named exactly this.  It is not exactly a secret why there was suddenly a resurgence of this celebrated style in the same year Greenberg finally gave it a name.

The common notion that fashion is cyclical applies to interior design as much as it does to attire.  In the decades since 1983, Mid-Century Modern has maintained a steady following along with many spikes in popularity that keeps the genius of these designers alive from year to year.  By turning on the television and seeing almost any commercial or sitcom right now, its obvious we are enjoying latest Mid-Century resurgence.  Unlike any Mid-Century popularity boom from past years, with more affordable options like our Mid-Century Modern Furniture Reproductions, this one is being enjoyed by all generations at once.

If you ever need a reminder for why the furniture designs from the middle of the 20th century have remained classics in the decades since their emergence on the market, stop by any of our Modern Classics showroom locations in BellinghamChicago or Dallas.  After sitting in any of our accurate modern furniture reproductions, you will walk away with a refreshed memory and a new appreciation for the Mid-Century Modern style.

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