Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Endless Possibilities with Accent Chairs

The way the perfect bracelet can dress up the plain little black dress, so does the subtle accent chair define the style of the room.  Many think of the term ‘accent chair’ as merely extra seating, but these small and mighty statement pieces are versatile enough to add an element of flare in any part of the house:

Dining Room:  Many ask if it is acceptable to use accent chairs at the dining table and the answer should always be ‘yes.’  Try adding a generously sized wing back chair, like our Wing Back Lounge Chair Reproduction, to the head and foot of a rectangular dining table for a perfect fusion of modern and traditional style.

Living Room:  Placement of accent chairs in the living room should be either opposite or to the side of the sofa so guests can sit and converse.  If the space in the living room is limited, armless accent chairs will take up less space like our Shell Chair Reproduction.  Living rooms with ample space to fill calls for a comfortable armchair like our LC3 Lounge Chair Reproduction.

Office: In this setting where meetings may run long and guests or clients will be seated for a while, comfort is as critical a feature as the aesthetic.  Seating for visitors in the office placed across the desk should have a perfect balance of comfort and sophistication., like our BRNO Chair Reproductions

These are just a few ideas for ways to use accent chairs, though the options are endless.  Come check out all we have to offer in our BellinghamChicago or Dallas Showrooms and you can get some ideas of your own too!

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