Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Which Direction Should the Womb Ottoman Go?

In 1948, Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair and Ottoman revolutionized the concept of comfort through the contouring shape rather than through extra cushioning.  One subject of debate among my fellow Womb Chair enthusiasts is which direction Saarinen intended for the trapezoidal ottoman to face.  Some claim it is the narrower side that is meant to face out while others vehemently claim it is the wider side.

I will keep my personal preference to myself on this one.  Perhaps, after so many decades of having this debate, it is time to say there is no right or wrong direction; it is whichever direction you find most comfortable (and I think Eero would agree too).

Our Womb Chair and Ottoman Reproduction has been constructed to the same dimensions of the original design and enhanced with superior materials to ensure this ‘basket full of pillows’ will last for longer than ever previously thought possible.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Harry Bertoia's Creative Process

The creative process differs for each individual, though a constant factor is that the right support and encouragement will always result in an outstanding work of art.  

While working for Florence Knoll, Harry Bertoia became apprehensive with his furniture designs, a frustrating roadblock all artists have encountered at some point.  Rather than placing any more stress on Bertoia, Knoll encouraged him to just experiment with his different ideas until the right one came to him (what a cool boss she was).  With this encouragement and liberty to experiment, the pressure was off and Harry Bertoia eventually created his signature method of sculptural steel rod latticeworkn on his iconic chairs.

Our Bertoia Barstool Reproduction is made from a solid wire steel frame with triple strike chrome plating for ultimate durability.  We offer the leather seat cushion in 18 different leather options and can confidently say it is the finest reproduction you will find.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Closer Looks: Poul Volther's Corona Chair and Ottoman

It’s safe to assume Paul Volther would have been a believer in the old adage, ‘when one door closes another one opens.’  The unveiling of his iconic Corona Chair and Ottoman in 1961 to his Danish audience was met with a disappointingly lukewarm welcome.  Although when presented in the United States, the response was overwhelmingly positive and the high demand turned Volther’s design into a classic icon of the modern period.

The beautifully unexpected Corona Chair was originally designed to be conducive to the human spine in a way allows comfort in any position.  This is why our Corona Chair Reproduction and Corona Ottoman Reproduction matches the original dimensions Volther intended.   Our reproduction uses superior materials Volther did not have available during his time, but that we do thanks to advances in technology since then.  This includes the stainless steel swivel base, High Resilient multi-density foam and molded fiber-reinforced polymer internal shell. 

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

George Nelson's Versatile Platform Bench

Since it’s introduction in 1946, George Nelson’s Platform Bench has remained a classic item in homes and offices around the world.  It has a subtle elegance that is unimposing enough to fit with any d├ęcor.  With the versatility of being used as a bench or table, this has become the obvious choice for settings that need both.

Our Nelson Platform Bench Reproduction matches the dimensions of Nelson’s original design.  Our reproduction is constructed from premium grade Oak, in your choice of natural oak or ebonized black finish, giving it the strength and versatility that has made it a classic in the decades since its creation.

You can see our Nelson Bench Reproduction and the different wood finish options at any of our three factory showrooms in BellinghamChicago or Dallas!