Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poul Kjaerholm's Early Stroke of Genius

In 1951, Poul Kjaerholm created his PK25 Lounge Chair for his graduation project with a single flat piece of steel plate and a metal saw to carve the chair pattern, and then bent the chair into shape.  At the time, I’m sure he was excited to get an outstanding grade for his design, but little did he know that his PK25 Lounge Chair would remain in demand in the following decades.

Our PK25 Lounge Chair Reproduction uses the exact same chair pattern, but instead of using a metal saw, we are able to use modern laser cutting equipment and hydraulic brakes for bending it in to shape.  Using halyard line, just as the young Kjaerholm did on his final graduation project, our reproduction of this uniquely iconic chair is unlike any other reproduction on the market.

You can come see this chair and the level of craftsmanship we put in to every inch at our BellinghamChicago or Dallas showrooms!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Father and Son Collaboration: Mogensen's Model 2334 Chair

Borge Mogensen’s furniture designs have remained Modern icons since their creation due to their remarkable functionality and minimalist beauty.  His passion for furniture design was one that he passed down to his son, Peter.  Equipped with the skills his father taught him, Peter took it upon himself in 1971 to finish the Model 2334 Chair design that Borge started in 1962   This unique father and son collaboration remains a staple in Borge Mogensen’s highly regarded 2300 Series.

Our Model 2334 Chair Reproduction is an accurate replica of the signature model with the same dimensions as the original design.   Our version uses seat and back cushions filled with foam and Dacron that sit over our heavy-duty wood frame construction.  With 4 different wood finishes on the legs and 15 Scandinavian leathers to choose from, this chair can be customized to go in any room of your house.

Come check out our Model 2334 Chair Reproduction and everything else we have to offer in our BellinghamChicago or Dallas Showrooms!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Like Fine Wine, Poul Kjaerholm's Designs Only Get Better with Age

Like many Scandinavian designers of his time, Poul Kjaerholm began as a cabinetmaker, equipping him with the necessary skills he would use in later years to create his iconic furniture designs.  By combining his knowledge of woodworking and experimenting with steel, Kjaerholm’s designs were specifically made to get better with age and withstand the everyday, as all furniture should (and surprisingly is not always the case).

Our reproduction of Kjaerholm’s PK31 Lounge Chair is crafted with Kjaerholm’s original intention of durability and getting better with age in mind.  In fact, our PK31 Lounge Chair Reproduction is even better thanks to the higher quality materials we use that were only invented in recent years and after Kjaerholm’s time.  Paying keen attention to the details of his original design though, such as the same dimensions of the original model and down feather-filled cushions, our version is a perfect balance of quality, comfort and beauty.

Come check it out along with everything else we have to offer at our Chicago, Bellingham, or Dallas showrooms!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Value of Experiencing Your Potential New Furniture

The one thing all past, present and future furniture buyers have in common is putting forth the time and energy to research all your furniture options.  Although you can find everything online you need to know about foam cushions, leather, wood finishes, (this list could go on for quite a while), there is no online substitute for actually experiencing the feel of the furniture for yourself.

Unlike most furniture reproductions who are solely online, at Modern Classics Furniture we understand the value of physically seeing, touching, sitting, lounging and/or curling up in a piece of furniture that will occupy much of your time for many years.   This is why we have our factory showroom locations across the nation in Bellingham, Chicago and Dallas. 

After visiting and sitting in one piece you may change your mind entirely and find another that you like even better.  Or you may decide to go with your original choice and can rest easily until it is delivered to your home knowing that you chose the best possible option—this is a luxury that is not guaranteed when ordering from an online company without getting a test ride (or in this case, a ‘test sit’)

You can check out the hours on our website for the BellinghamChicago and Dallas factory showrooms.  We look forward to your visit!