Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Like Fine Wine, Poul Kjaerholm's Designs Only Get Better with Age

Like many Scandinavian designers of his time, Poul Kjaerholm began as a cabinetmaker, equipping him with the necessary skills he would use in later years to create his iconic furniture designs.  By combining his knowledge of woodworking and experimenting with steel, Kjaerholm’s designs were specifically made to get better with age and withstand the everyday, as all furniture should (and surprisingly is not always the case).

Our reproduction of Kjaerholm’s PK31 Lounge Chair is crafted with Kjaerholm’s original intention of durability and getting better with age in mind.  In fact, our PK31 Lounge Chair Reproduction is even better thanks to the higher quality materials we use that were only invented in recent years and after Kjaerholm’s time.  Paying keen attention to the details of his original design though, such as the same dimensions of the original model and down feather-filled cushions, our version is a perfect balance of quality, comfort and beauty.

Come check it out along with everything else we have to offer at our Chicago, Bellingham, or Dallas showrooms!

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