Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Exclusive Modern Classics Stainless Steel Bench... and Beyond!

Our exclusive Modern Classics Stainless Steel Bench is designed in an art deco style and is a product we are proud to offer.  Not only is it visually unimposing and lightweight, it is also multi-functional and designed with the durability to withstand everyday use. 

Its minimalist design makes it a great seating option for a narrow hall, mudroom or a place for guests to sit while entertaining.  It is not limited to just seating: this durable bench makes a great coffee table option, and is even the preferred function for some due to its clean lines and minimalist influence it has on the entire room.  Thanks to the nature of the #304 polished stainless steel rectangular tubing, there is never a need to worry about damaging the surface.  This means you can kick your feet up or place your coffee mug down while reading your morning paper, without the nagging thought you should be using a coaster (of course you will still want to use them,  if only for decoration).

Come check it out and everything else we have to offer in our BellinghamChicago or  Dallas showrooms!

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