Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Le Corbusier and Turning a Chair Inside Out

When Le Corbusier combined creative forces with Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, the result was the iconic LC2 and LC3 armchair.  Originally they nicknamed it ‘the cushion basket.’  They turned the standard lounge chair inside out by placing the chair’s framework around the exterior with tubular steel, rather than under the chair’s leather.  In doing so, the thick cushions were held together by the tubular steel structure.

Our  LC2 and LC3 Lounge Chair Reproductions honor the dimensions of the original design.  We are able to make use of higher quality materials we only have available today to ensure they last for much longer than was ever thought possible back in 1928.

You can come check out our LC2 and LC3 Lounge Chair Reproductions and everything else we have to offer in our BellinghamChicago or Dallas factory showrooms!

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