Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tricks to Visually Heighten Your Ceilings

Although not every home has been given the 20 foot ceilings many of us long for, there are many tricks to make ceilings appear taller and visually open a space:

1.     Painting the ceiling with a high gloss or semi-high gloss will give the illusion of a higher ceiling due to the mirror-like effect it has over the entire room.
2.     Lighting that points upward will bounce off the glossy ceiling and maximize this effect to make ceilings appear higher
3.     Introducing vertical stripes will naturally elongate the height of the walls, and can be done with wallpaper, vertical paneling or wall d├ęcor.
4.     Lower furniture will visually maximize the height of the room, since it allows for more space between it and the ceiling.  Poul Kjaerholm designed his iconic pieces with a lower seat height making them a great place to start.

Our Poul Kjaerholm Reproductions honor the same dimensions as his original designs with the distinct lower seat heights.  Whether you decide to furnish the entire room or start with just one piece, Kjaerholm’s minimalist designs can work in almost any setting.

Come check them out along with all the other options we have to offer at our BellinghamChicago or Dallas showrooms

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