Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Few Benefits of a Minimalist Home

One of the pioneers of the minimalist home, Mies van der Rohe, was once famously quoted saying ‘less is more.’  Today, minimalism is not only a celebrated style of interior design but also a style that has many benefits that can lead to an overall improved lifestyle that include, though are not limited to, the following:

More Time To Yourself—its amazing how much easier everything becomes once unnecessary clutter is eliminated.  You will notice you have much more time on your hands that was once spent looking for lost items

Quality Furniture— without a large quantity of “stuff” to hide behind, you will find yourself considering the level of quality of everything in your home in a whole new way

Easier to Clean—with less clutter in the way, cleaning not only takes significantly less time, but it is also immediately obvious to all visitors they are in a clean home that is well-cared for and loved

Less Stress—it is only once a proper purge of all junk that you can experience the peacefulness that comes from the absence of clutter.  Now that you only have what you need in your home, less time will be spent sifting through clutter and more time can be spent on what is important. 

Simple Colors—one key element of minimalist homes is a simple and neutral color palette along with natural light.  Both of these elements are ideal for creating a pacifying home setting. 

Pictured here is our Platner Round Dining Table Reproduction along with our Brno Chair Reproductions

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