Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our Exhibition Chair: A Throne For The Home

When Mies van der Rohe debuted his iconic Barcelona Chair in 1929, it was literally fit for a king and queen.  The King and Queen of Spain had commissioned the German architect to design the German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona and he created his iconic Barcelona Chair we all know and love today.

To make this chair as comfortable as it is undeniably beautiful, a reputation it has gained over the years, we made a few visually unnoticeable adjustments to our Barcelona Chair Reproduction.  These small adjustments make it a pleasantly comfortable surprise to anyone who sits in our version for their first time.  With 39 different leather and fabric colors to choose from, this is the perfect addition to any room where lounging may occur!

You can read all about our version in our Comparison Guide or visit one of our showrooms in BellinghamChicago or Dallas to check it out in person!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Closer Looks: Knoll Lounge Chair

Amidst the excitement of the 20th century modern era and the classically modern furniture emerging onto the market, there was no shortage of bright colors and organically funky curves, making these pieces the obvious focal point of any room.  There needed to be a way to counterbalance these pieces and Florence knoll took it upon herself to create what she called the “fill-in pieces that no one else wants to do.”  I wish she gave herself more credit because in doing so, she created her Lounge Collection that has since retained the same iconic status as the designs of her colleagues who she let have all the fun.

Following all the same specifications as the original model, our Florence Knoll Lounge Chair Reproduction uses a much higher quality of materials that have only become available to us today thanks to advances in technology.  Also, whether you prefer stainless chair legs or wood legs, we now offer both making it among the most versatile and durable reproductions you will find.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Closer Looks: Wegner's Wing Back Lounge Chair

One of my favorite designers of the 20th century is, hands down, Hans Wegner.  Not only are each of his iconic furniture designs strikingly modern and elegant, but they are designed in such a way to make me sit up straight.  Take for example his Wing Back Chair and Ottoman: this was designed with a slanted seat and higher seat back to support the upper back through the crown of the head while also supporting the natural curve of the lower back, thus making proper posture the natural sitting position.  Oh, and it looks great too!

Our Wing Back Lounge Chair and Ottoman Reproduction honors the same dimensions as the original model and is offered in a wide variety of our Scandinavian Leathers.  You can come check it out in our 
BellinghamChicago or Dallas showrooms!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Closer Looks: Jacobsen's Egg Chair

In 1958, when the SAS Royal Copenhagen Hotel was in need of a designer they turned to the famous Arne Jacobsen.   It was for this project Jacobsen created his famous Egg Chair, one of the most iconic ‘easy chairs’ from the modern age.  In the decades since the Egg Chair’s debut, the demand has remained unwavering and is still instantly recognizable in homes and offices around the world.

Our Egg Chair and Ottoman Reproduction is made to the same specifications as the original version (and at a fraction of the price).  To maximize the comfort on our version, we have added some extra cushioning and we offer it in a wide variety of colors of our exclusive boucle fabrics, making it a perfect addition to any home or office.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Closer Looks: Saarinen's Womb Chair

When Florence Knoll asked her dear friend and colleague, Eero Saarinen, for “a chair that is like a basket full of pillows,” the Finnish architect got to work.  The end result was his famous modern icon, the Womb Chair. Saarinen realized comfort comes from the shape of a chair, not the cushioning, and he incorporated his signature flowing curves to make his Womb Chair one to curl up in and is as comfortable as a basket full of pillows.

Our Womb Chair and Ottoman Reproduction is crafted with a molded fiber-reinforced polymer internal shell, stainless steel legs, and is upholstered in our exclusive modern boucle fabric in a wide variety of color options.  The remarkably high quality of our materials ensures an added level of durability Eero simply did not have available to him during his time.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wegner's Ox Chair: What Do YOU See?

When Hans Wegner debuted his Surrealism-inspired Ox Chair, I wonder if he meant for it to be the furniture equivalent of an ink blot test.  Though named after the Ox in Picasso’s revolutionary mural, Guernica, there are countless other animals and objects it resembles to each person glancing at it for their first time.  One person might see a reindeer while another sees a hammerhead shark and still another sees an ant.

What does this all mean from a psychology standpoint?  I have no idea and I’m not even going to try to guess.  I imagine a designer as brilliant as Wegner intentionally designed this piece to be interpreted differently by the individual, thus making it personalized before even sitting in it.

Our Ox Chair Reproduction honors the same dimensions as the original with a variety of colors choices of our top-grain and 100% aniline-dyed Italian leather.  We use a high-density foam cushion over a molded fiber-reinforced polymer internal shell and stainless steel legs to ensure ultimate comfort matched by its durability.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Closer Looks: Our Exhibition Daybed (Barcelona Couch Replica)

Shortly after Mies van der Rohe had launched his wildly popular Barcelona Chair and Ottoman, he revealed his Barcelona Daybed in 1930.  True to form, it was again met with a booming popularity that has remained unwavering in years since thanks to the modern elegance it radiates and translates well into any style setting.  In 1953, architect Philip Johnson famously requested one for his New York apartment.

The Modern Classics Barcelona Daybed Replica honors the dimensions of the original model with your choice of a 15-inch or 18-inch seat height.  Our stainless steel legs offer a much higher level of durability than the mild steel and chrome plating on the original to endure everyday foot traffic.  With 17 leather colors to choose from, this daybed is the perfect addition to any room!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Perfectly Planned PK25 Lounge Chair

It is not very often a school project becomes an icon of modern design, but that is exactly what happened when Paul Kjaerholm turned in his final graduation project in 1951: the PK25 Lounge Chair.  Beginner’s luck you might be thinking?  Maybe a little, but as his prolific career designing modern furniture proved many times over, we was truly a genius craftsman with a penchant for innovation.

His original PK25 Lounge Chair was made using a single sheet of steel and a metal saw to carve the chair’s pattern before bending it into shape.  This was a new technique at the time, but with vast technological advances since then, we are able to use modern laser cutting equipment on our PK25 Lounge Chair Reproduction.  After we carve the pattern we use hydraulic brakes to bend it into shape.  Overall, our method is a much more efficient (and probably safer) method than Kjaerholm’s, although considering he did not have the options we have today, I admire how he well he made use of the limited resources in 1951.

You can check it out, along with everything else we have to offer, by visiting any of our three showroom locations in ChicagoBellingham or Dallas!